Tiger Moth (Arctiidae Arctiinae Spilosoma obliqua )

Caterpillars were found in April, 1999, feeding on Hibiscus, Liquidamber (Sweet Gum), Ilex asprella and a few other plant types on Braemar Hill, North Point.  As can be seen from the dates given below, different instars were found at the same time in the Summer of 1999 and Spring of 2000.

2nd instar larva found 20 April, 2000

3rd instar larva, found 15 July, 1999

4th instar larva, 3 May, 2000; about 28 mm / 1.1 inches long

5th or maybe 6th instar, mature larva, 21 July, 1999; about 33 mm / 1.3 inches long

The cocoon and pupa, formed 29 May, 2000.

Enlarged views of a male moth at rest;
The first specimen was found on 13 April, 1999.
Eclosure of the second one was 15 August, 2000.

Top and Underside views of moth
Wingspan was about 23 mm / 0.9 inches

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